She sat on her bed in the dark,

With the exception of the tiny lamp that lit up in the corner of the room,

She put the pillow on her face and begun screaming loud enough to get the house down.

The voices in her head overpowered her and all the demons woke up and feasted on her mind, like a parasitic worm feasting on a host.

Her thoughts rushed like a fast train

Uncontrollable tears rolling down her face and screams and vines.

The night went in sadness and a pool of tears and voices that echoed form each and every corner of the room.



The flames kept growing as I burnt our memories,

Everything between us was torn apart,

The smile on my face when I see you turns upside down,

Things have changed, you have.

Love turned to ashes,

You don’t exist anymore,

Those thoughts with you don’t flood my mind as everything’s burnt away,

It kills me inside, the heat, to let you go,

But thats the only option,

Once burnt can’t come back together and there I see you go away.

Tears rolling down my face, feels like I’m digging my own grave.

Ashes turned to dust and it flew away,

Closing this chapter of life.

Personal Development


Your unique and you don’t have to be like everyone else. You are different and may have a different liking. It’s okay, no ones going to hate you for being you. See to it that you communicate well and ensure and establish healthy relationships with all. Don’t let tiny things boil you up or get you sad. Life is full of ups and downs and hurdles. Its like an obstacle race. You jump over them to win, and if you fall you loose, yet don’t give up. Focus on the goal. By sobbing that you can’t do it won’t help but only demotivate you.. Every lion was once a cub. The start to something great is tough but not impossible. You are great if needed take guidance cause you may loose your path sometimes. Holistic growth is important.

If you feel sad go play, get a smile on your face. You feeling depressed ask for help right away. Sort issues out before its to late. Always remember you are diamond and sometimes you will be covered in dirt, so just do somethings extraordinary to shine. People will yell at you and you will feel bad don’t that put you down. Instead learn from your mistake and say sorry to them. Chill people you all are wonderful.


There’s flames in my head,

That are slowly ruling my body,

Causing me to take impulsive decisions and making me sad at the end,

I can’t control it even though i’m trying hard to,

This anger feels like demons in blood,

Causing my blood to boil at every tiny bad thing,

This feeling ain’t good,

It sucks to be conquered by something that puts you in trouble and people to hate you,

And end you up in hating yourself,

Take care be strong and respond  not react,

Be mentally fit and emotionally intelligent,

The key to staying healthy mentally.

Mental State.

Its okay to be sad.  Its okay to not be yourself at times. Sometimes its fine to have tiny breakdowns during you day an pauses of overthinking. While writing a test its completely fine at times to blank out, get nervous and get anxoius.

Sometimes I panic before or while writing an exam I know I’m not prepared for, my legs shake, heart races it all feels like as if monsters are chasing me and I have no where to run. Depression suddenly strikes like an unexpected guest, creating demons in your head. My mental state isn’t right at times. It’s okay.


What did the knifes, fans,swimming pools, ropes and many more things come for? And most importantly why do we have the mind? But coming to the things,¬† first knifes were invented for cutting meat and veggies not your self or others, a fan is meant to give breeze and make you happy not a destination where you go and hang yourself, a swimming pool is meant for swimming and not for you to drown yourself because weird and depressing stuff is happening in your life, ropes and other things as well are used to help you not kill you cause you’re done with everybody’s bullshit. And yes the MIND this is the root of all suicidal thought. The place that generates thoughts from bad experiences and suppressed thoughts. The thoughts we get make us go on the wrong path, the path to death. I know it gets extremely depressing to face issues that make you a quieter human but the solution to this isn’t death and suicide. Go talk to someone you love. Do things that will make you happy. Think before doing anything, cause you may die and go cause you didn’t fit in, but will the people who made you give your life up care?! have you thought about that?, your family will undergo depression, their lives will get ruined as well. So calm your mind, think well, take help if needed. Having a mental illness isn’t an issue. You are important and unique never forget that.

Something that scares most people are the dogs that bark or serial killers,

Something that scares me most are the voices inside my head,

Sometimes it even gets me rooted to my bed,

There are demons inside me that hold me captive,

Preventing me from being active,

I think and ponder on every step i’ll take,

Wondering what people will think of me,

Overthinking on how they talk and behave,

It makes me feel like cuddling up in my personal space,

I need to let go of there fears that will pull me down,

Its time to rise up and break free,

Break the chains that tie me down and hold me back,

Now nothing should hold you back its cause time to leave the pack.